Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Melissa is up too early.

Doctor appointments for everyone this morning, except me: post-op check for Darren, well child checks for all four children, hoping my sanity remains intact.

I started Facebooking this week after nearly a year of a mostly quiet account. I have friends now! It's funny to see these faces from the past. Lots of memories, there.

And speaking of which, I dug out my old souvenir box from high school to show my children photos and brochures from Ford's Theatre during our Presidents Day lessons. Some of that stuff I hadn't looked at in years! I had forgotten that I'd added many items from my much earlier childhood when their storage box was destroyed by a water leak in our old apartment. Stories and pictures I'd drawn in like second grade! Now that is fun stuff. Boxes may yet make me crazy, but that pretty much settled it for me: I am keeping our children's work! They'll be thirty-something one day, too, and I know we'll like to see it again.

Kristen's first birthday is less than one month from today. I have my mom to thank for that (un)kind reminder. Darren returns to work tomorrow and I miss him already. I've loved having him home.

Time now for that first cup of coffee, and then it's time to really get moving.

And thank goodness for spell check. Apparently I can't spell "brochures". Or "apparently".

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