Thursday, February 05, 2009

6 Things

Tina kindly tagged me for this one, but I'm too lazy to re-post all the "rules". If you'd like to play along, consider yourself tagged! Six things about me:

1. I'm seldom "Melissa" to family or close friends. I'm Liss, Lissa, Lissie, or Meliss...but never Mel, and don't even think about calling me Missy!

2. I'm terrible about keeping in touch. I hate leaving telephone messages and am embarrassingly slow at responding to e-mails. So if you haven't heard from me in a while, please don't take it personally!

3. When I was sixteen, my best friend and I volunteered at the hospital on the unit where I'm currently employed. I laugh now about how few responsibilities I had back then: pass ice, distribute and retrieve meal trays, make beds...we weren't really allowed to do much else!

4. While I love marriage and motherhood, I cry to my mom on really bad days that I want to run away by myself to a deserted island. But I'm not really as terrible as that makes me sound. ;)

5. I have a high tolerance for physical pain but easily shed emotional tears. I didn't cry when my appendix ruptured when I was eight years old, for example, nor did I cry during any of the subsequent procedures or week long hospitalization...except for the night when my mom left my hospital room after dark. I was sure she'd be mugged or murdered in the parking lot. See what I mean? Hugely emotional.

6. Unlike my husband, I don't much care for cooking—but I love to bake! So between the two of us, we're set! We dream of someday opening our own little diner. Wouldn't that be fun?!

I know there are many more little known facts I could share about myself, but these will have to do for now. I think I've embarrassed myself enough for one day. :)

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Melissa from MN said...

I'm a perfect match to your numbers 1, 2, and 4!