Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank You.

You all are great. Really, I mean that! And to those of you who have taken the time to comment on my recent absence, I thank you. Sometimes, it feels nice to be missed! But don't worry. I'm still here, although I can't say for certain yet in what capacity I'll be staying. Part of my silence here has been spent discerning how (or whether) I want to continue with this blog. Privacy is sounding more and more like the better option, but that might just be paranoia on my part. Another larger factor for my time away, though, is simply time. Time spent online here is time spent apart from my family, time which I just don't really feel I can afford right now. At the end of the day, I'd much rather be able to say that I was with my children, truly present and undistracted. I'd really hate for them to grow up and remember only a mother who was more interested in photographing and blogging them than being with them. I'm already mostly convinced it will be one of many issues discussed in their therapy sessions. ;)

We've had a busy two weeks. We celebrated Caitlyn's fifth birthday, visited the pumpkin patch, took an impulsive week off from school to rearrange bedrooms (again!) at the children's request, baked, and crafted. It's been nice to be a bit more disconnected from the internet and more connected with my children. But I would still love to share with you some of what we've been doing. If you'll bear with me for just a bit longer, perhaps I'll have some posts written. Sometime, maybe, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when the rest of my family is sleeping. Or maybe, I just need to work on better time mangement skills? :)

At any rate, I hope to "talk" with you all again real soon. Thanks for being a friend!


Frances said...

I've sure been missing your beautiful, thoughtful, love-full posts, Melissa. But I can certainly appreciate the discernment that is going into your decision whether to blog regularly (or at all). Either way, I'm praying for God's blessings on you and your family. :)

Jamie said...

I've been missing you and just this morning I was thinking "well, she maybe got scared because of what happened to Kristen or me"

I was just thinking about this last night, the being present for my kids. I started my blog in February, I was thinking how my relationship has changed with my kids since blogging and reading blogs. It's weird how this can be so addicting when the alternative is so much better, our children!!!

I totally understand all you've written about. I support you and lift you up in prayer to do the right thing.

I catch myself taking pictures of them and "for the blog" silly, isn't it?

Michelle said...

I hope you do decide to keep your blog, if not I certainly understand. Mommies are busy ladies. I wish the best as you make this decision. I truly have enjoyed reading along with you. I found your blog, just as you were adjusting to life with a preemie in the hospital.

Sherri said...

Hi Melissa,
Have you considered making your blog private. I will continue to do mine simply because I started it in the first place to have a memoir of our homeschooling experience. I will one day print the pages out and put them in books by the years. I have considered, at time, making my blog private and inviting all of the friends that I now keep in touch with through the blogs. I just thought that might be an option for could still have your blog and a degree of privacy too.
At any rate, it's nice to "see" you. I'd miss you if you were gone!

Celeste said...

Hey there. At this point I have decided to keep blogging. It will just be whenever I get to it. I am not blogging for others but for me. My dear friends I have maid are always just a phone call or an email away.

Jen said...

I totally understand where you are coming from, and it's great that you are discerning what is best for you and your family. I did get worried there for a bit! I kept checking and checking and didn't see a new post. Life with four little kiddies is fast, but fun. Sometimes it's all the other stuff that needs to be put on the back burner so we can just be with them. It does go by so fast. Glad to see you back!