Monday, October 20, 2008

Horrid. And yet, oddly addicting.

I thought it would be a nice idea to bake some cookies today. It's cloudy out, and chilly. This recipe for Celestial Oatmeal Cookies sounded yummy, and I was so excited to try my hand at homemade pumpkin puree for the very first time. Except, I decided to modify the ingredients for the cookies just a teensy bit. (Note to self: the addition of chocolate chips does not necessarily equal improvement.) I bit into what I believed would be soft, gooey goodness immediately upon removing them from the oven, and was puzzled to note that they actually tasted...well, sort of odd. I tasted another, just to be sure. Odd, yes, but strangely appealing, too. One more, just for good measure. Hmmm. Definitely different.

A short while later, Dylan politely said to me, "Mommy? I think those cookies are just a little bit strange tasting. Were you supposed to put orange in there?"

"Yes, honey, that's what the recipe said."

"Oh. Well, maybe it's because of the spices. Did you think you were using the best recipe?"

"Well, son, I thought so. But I decided to change things up just a little."

"Well, Mommy," he continued, ever the diplomat, "people do have different tastes! Maybe some people think these are good!"

"You're right!" I responded, biting into yet another. (They were cool by now and sometimes, you know, that makes all the difference.)

Coughing, though, he presses on: "Ummm, but Mommy? Is there anything I can do to get that awful taste out of my mouth?"

"Here," I say, passing him some milk as I pour a glass of my own. (To go with...yes! One more cookie!). "Try this."

"Hey!" he marvels, gulping it down. "It worked! Thanks, mom."

No problem, son. Now, outta my way! I need another cookie.


Celeste said...

You crack me up! AND you sound way too much like me.

Martha said...

This was so hilarious! Melissa - you will one day look back on everything you have written about the cute things your children said and did and you'll be glad for the memories . . . time goes by so fast. Once in a while, I read the diaries I kept when my children were small and it does my heart good and makes me laugh!

Jill said...

Sounds familiar!! Several times I've made things that I thought were totally disgusting and I ven spit out the first bite. I intended to toss the whole thing, and then little by little I find myself oddly liking it.

I totally related to your last post, by the way. I will write some more thoughts in an e-mail soon.

So, do you really have a 7 month old now!!!?? Wow.