Sunday, August 31, 2008

A new beginning.

It's not an end, I know.

But still.

Farewell, old friends.

I'll miss you.



Frances said...

Oh Melissa! I JUST read the last FBoFW comic strip (since we don't subscribe to a newspaper, I get it through my feedreader) and, after I finished sniffling, I immediately thought of you. "I bet Melissa will be just as sad not to get her daily dose of the Patterson family! I wonder if she'll post about it..." And, lo and behold, you DID! :)

I'm going to miss it. Even though I didn't always agree with Lynn Johnston's messages, I appreciated her artistry and cleverness. The strip was so well done!

Lillian said...

LOL!!! I had NO IDEA what you were talking about and thought you meant you weren't blogging anymore. It wasn't until I read Frances' comment that I got it.

I'm sad your comic strip is done, but I'm glad its not you!