Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Room (Again)

Assembling the crib in our bedroom necessitated the relocation of our aquarium to Dylan's room, a change he readily accepted despite the fact that it meant the removal of his own workspace. I was, I think, a bit more apprehensive than he about the arrangement, but it was really the least complicated solution to our lack of space. Now I sigh every time I walk past his room. I love it so much, but it suddenly seems like such a mature retreat...sort of "Little Boy Bedroom" meets "Gentleman's Study". (And I just really have to hand it to Darren here...he stayed up with me until one o'clock in the morning a few nights ago, sorting through every single book on these shelves, systematically categorizing them in a much more logical manner than I ever could have. I knew I made the right choice in marrying my bookstore guy!)

I made sure to leave plenty of the endearing little boy traits that are so characteristically Dylan: a bulletin board to display his artwork; the big stuffed cow I bought for him just before his first birthday, for snuggling on the floor with books; a resalvaged book case to house his many treasures...

I wonder if there will ever be a day when I'll regret allowing my young son unlimited access to my Calvin and Hobbes collection? I'm sure that those who know us in real life might call me crazy (you know, for providing such devious inspiration), but what can I say? I love Calvin. Dylan, I'm proud to say, does too. :)

I pray that these next two cuties will always have a home in Dylan's bedroom...Mr. Snuggles, the irresistibly adorable bear brought by Santa three years ago, and Mikey, the feline "brother" Dylan loves more than just about anything in the world.

God, I love my boy. Thank you so much for the gift of perfectly wonderful him.


Jamie said...

His room looks great!! Wow, 2 big steps for mama, baby to big baby bed and little boy getting a bigger boy thing!!!

Blessings to you Melissa!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I can't tell you how I smiled to see that picture of The Days Are Just Packed. My kids fell in love with that devious little Calvin this summer, and I in turn fell in love with all the reading that went on.

[The fights in the back seat of the van when only of them remembered to pack a book by Bill Watterson, though, I could have easily done without.]