Saturday, July 12, 2008


We've been welcoming big, beautiful, and much needed rain storms every day for the past few days, receiving on Thursday three times the amount of this year's rainfall to date. Exhilarating to me are the gray skies, the steady rumble of distant thunder, the tantalizing scent of fresh, cool precipitation, and the damp chill, all vividly reminiscent of the summer storms I so fondly recall from my youth. They were, particularly during my adolescence, one of my favorite aspects of the season. Disrupting the seemingly endless span of oppressively hot, dry days, they provided the perfect interlude in which to cozy up indoors with a good book or rousing board game competitions between my brother and me. My children and I have been enjoying plenty of our own idle pastimes over the course of the week, but I just couldn't resist dashing out into the rain to capture a few photographs last Thursday. These are my favorites (some of which were taken after the storm had subsided).


Jill said...

Beautiful, Melissa.
The smell of rain is one of my favorite things. Your pictures capture the images of rain so well I think I could almost smell it!

Jackie Parkes said...

Magnificent pictures! we've had rather a lot of rain here too...but I'm a bit fed up with it!

Jen said...

Beautiful photos. You are very talented. :-)

Andrea said...

You take such gorgeous pictures!

Shannon said...

Hi Melissa-
Thanks for your post on my blog :)

I have a question for you...hope you don't mind I ask it here, it would probably be better done in an email!

I just switched to blogger and want to make a custom background. I just love yours. What did you use to make it?
I think I'm having more issues also because I use a mac.
Thanks so much for your help!
Blessings to you and yours.

Shannon said...

Melissa, I've figured some things out, so you don't need to go to trouble "explaining" things!
Thanks so much!

take good care!

Kate Wicker said...

These photographs are breathtaking. You're very talented.

By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog. I'll be reading my "Will Work For Children" again and again right along with you.

God bless!


Laura said...

Gorgeous photos...what camera do you use???