Monday, July 21, 2008

Hotter than hot.

My three big kids are running around in nothing but panties and underwear right now because guess what? Our air conditioner is not working! I can't believe it. This same thing happened once last summer, but I so don't need this right now! Darren will be up late writing tonight (his book is due tomorrow! To his editor! Tomorrow!) but if things get any worse around here I just might have to pack up the children and myself and head to my mom's empty house for the night.

It's 87 degrees in the living room right now.



Shannon said...

oh no!! sending "cool" thoughts your way!

Jill said...

Hope you are all cooling off today. :)

Jen said...

I hope the AC got fixed!

Regina said...

i think every single summer growing up (in el paso) our air conditioner broke. unfortunately being raised by just my mom we didnt often have money to fix it. i remember sleeping on the tile in front of the front door one night in high school because it was the only cool place i could find!