Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our weekend

I am so happy this weekend. It's been perfect, and it just keeps getting better! There was, of course, our beautiful mountain excursion on Friday, and yesterday was even more lovely. Darren and I had stayed up late Friday night watching Premonition for the second time (because he actually had the nerve to sleep through it the first time!), so we were still sleeping soundly on Saturday morning when we gradually became aware of the sound of little voices chattering happily away in the living room, where lamps were being turned on one by one. "What time is it?" I asked Darren, burrowing deeper into the covers. He rolled over to look at the clock.

"5:46," he answered.

Then we both laughed. What in the world, we wondered, are Dylan and Caitlyn doing up so early?! It was cute, really. And it actually worked to our advantage, because, since I was awake anyway, I figured I might as well get up, too. And once I was up, I decided that it would be great fun to bake a batch of cupcakes with the kids, to honor the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We decided on white cupcakes, white frosting, and blue candles. We arranged them on a pretty platter, and since Darren was making a quick trip to the grocery store, he brought home with him a beautiful arrangement of white roses. We read accounts of the birth of Mary in Mary: The Mother of Jesus and Just like Mary. Caitlyn colored a picture of Mary and Dylan drew a picture of her from A Catholic How-to-Draw. It was a beautiful way to enjoy the quiet morning, and then we all got ready and headed over to Gym Magic for ballet and gymnastics.

We watched a cute family movie after lunch, and I took Dylan and Caitlyn with me to the 5:30 Mass last night. This was so very nice. As I sat there in the pew with a child snuggled quietly against each arm, I felt so peaceful and amazed that I have reached this point. It was not so long ago that Mass was spent in a heightened state of anxiety each week, trying desperately to keep the kids quiet and well behaved. But last night, I realized that our efforts have really paid off. Both Dylan and Caitlyn sat still the entire time, following along in their missalettes because they wanted to. I listened to the readings and the homily undisturbed and unworried, quietly, reflectively. It really helped that Meghan was at home with Darren, helping him get dinner ready. :)

This morning Darren took Dylan to his very first CCD class, and will attend Mass by himself while Dylan is in class. The girls and I have been enjoying a quiet morning to ourselves, and when the boys get home, we're going to head on over to a Harvest Festival at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch museum. It sounds fun!

I have to work tonight, but I really can't complain. It's just been such a wonderful weekend. And tomorrow, we get to begin our second week of homeschooling! I can't wait! Have a great Sunday, friends!


He who wears the most black wins. said...

What a wonderful day. :)

Congratulations on beginning the second week!!

Jill said...

I just love hearing about your fun-filled days. It just makes me smile and feel at peace. :)

Laura W. said...

What a beautiful table setting for Our Lady! If you weren't alrady tagged, I tagged you for the Reflective Blogger award.

Celeste said...

I love your weekend sharing. You make me smile, dear friend. You certainly have a special touch for making things special, memorable and beautiful. Your family is so blessed.