Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gym Magic

Caitlyn and Dylan had been looking forward to this morning all week long. I was excited, too! Today they each had their first class at Gym Magic, and while I had initially been a little apprehensive about signing them up, I am so glad now that we went ahead and enrolled them. They both had so much fun, and I was so proud of them! Caitlyn's class was first, at 10:00, and since Dylan's class was immediately after, we all went together so we could watch each of them in their element! Caitlyn was initially very shy, despite the fact that her teacher is such a kind and engaging young man by the same name as her favorite uncle...oops, I'm sorry, I should have said "one of" her favorite uncles! Brothers of mine, I'll leave it to you to guess his name. ;)

Anyway, once she finally warmed up to him and the class (which included only two other little girls, one of whom is the daughter of one of my friends!) she did really well. I was impressed with how well she followed instructions and with the skills she demonstrated. I can see that the next ten weeks are going to be really fun!

Dylan was a bit reserved, too, as he began his gymnastics class, but he listened really well and did a great job. I liked the fact that his class was also small, including two other boys and two girls. There were two teachers (coaches?) for his class--one worked with the girls, while the other worked with the boys. After a while spent in the Tumble Bug room (a small scale gym for the six and under students), they went downstairs to the "big gym" and worked for a while down there. I could tell that Dylan was having an absolute blast, and he can't wait to go back next week!

While we were waiting and watching Dylan, Caitlyn and Meghan were enjoying the playhouse and toys they have set up in the observation area. I really appreciated the fact that these were available for siblings, because it would have been quite a challenge to keep them entertained otherwise!

We all just had such a great time this morning. I'm really looking forward to watching my kids blossom and gain self confidence in their abilities over these coming weeks!


Jane Ramsey said...

Wow, that looks like a fun place, Melissa!

Celeste said...

Just wonderful! It does look like they had fun. It will be a great experience!

He who wears the most black wins. said...

So adorable!

That's it. I'm convinced that Ella would be just fine in a ballet class of some sort. I think I'll check into it for her. She SO loves Angelina Ballerina. ;)

Muddy Mama said...

Melissa, you've been tagged! Pop over to my site to check it out.

Jill said...

We signed Aslynn up for gymnastics this year and she loved it. You are right on about the playroom for siblings. We actually chose her gymnastics class based on which one had an observation room with toys!
It will be fun for your kids to have this activity.
By the way- is Caitlyn pretty tall for her age, or are there younger kids in the class? Anyway, she looks like a beautiful ballerina!