Wednesday, October 04, 2006

To Honor Saint Francis

Recently, with cooler evenings and enough daylight remaining after dinner, we've been enjoying taking our kids for walks around our neighborhood, during which time they delight in "collecting" anything that catches their interest--sticks, rocks, pinecones...lots and lots of pinecones, which I've been saving in a sack in the garage on the off chance that we might actually some day need them!

Yesterday, inspired yet again by Danielle, I was actually cleaning out the garage when I came upon this sack of forgotten treasures. But rather than tossing them out, as I might have otherwise been inclined to do, I was struck instead with an idea that I thought Dylan and Caitlyn might really enjoy. Since today is the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, and since he has long been one of my very favorite saints, I really wanted to do something special to celebrate with the kids, especially now that they are old enough to understand and appreciate the lives of the saints. So this morning we gathered three of those pinecones (one each for Dylan, Caitlyn, and Meghan) and we transformed them into some cute little bird feeders which we hung from the tree outside our dining room window. The kids really enjoyed it, and they loved being little "helpers" to Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals!


Mom to Almost Four said...

What a fun project. We too began making bread slice bird feeders today. I love celebrating these things with the kids. Hooray for homeschool!

P.S. the kids look so cute!

Mom to Almost Four said...

Oh, I meant to ask how you get the little clip art in your side bar. You can email me if you want.