Friday, October 13, 2006

Signs of Love

I didn't think anything could be sweeter than the sight of Meghan sleepily waving at me before finally drifting off as I nurse her...or watching her wave excitedly at us as soon as she wakes up in the morning, so happy to see us again each new day. But I witnessed something far sweeter on Wednesday night when Darren walked in the door after being gone for three days. Meghan was just beside herself the moment she saw him, waving enthusiastically over and over again, smiling and babbling and bopping up and down in my arms. She couldn't get to him fast enough! She'd briefly lay her head against him before pulling back to smile and wave at him some more, as though she couldn't believe that he was finally home. It was hilarious to watch her, waving, "talking", then waving some more! I think it may have been the final nudge I needed to finally jump on board the Signing Time bandwagon. I'd really love to see what else she has to say!


He who wears the most black wins. said...

Too sweet!!

mom-in-training said...

Oh, I bet your husband ate that up! What a welcome home present. Absolutely precious!!!

Jennifer said...

That is precious. What a sweet baby.

Jen said...

How sweet...I miss nursing my daughter. She weaned when she was just past her second birthday, because my milk dried up. Those are moments you treasure. :-)
Good lucking with signing. I've always wanted to try it...I've been told it's amazing, and makes life alot less stressful because they can tell you what they want!