Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sweet Sisters

I am always amazed at the ways in which being a parent brings back so many memories of my own childhood. Watching Caitlyn and Meghan, I am often reminded of how, as a young girl, I longed for a sister more than anything else in the world. I treasured the relationships I had with my brothers, but in my mind, nothing could compare with what I imagined to be the magical bond that is shared between two (or more!) sisters. While my girlfriends complained about having to share their bedrooms with a sister, I secretly envied them. How I would have loved to have someone to whisper with in the dark, giggling long past bedtime! Someone who would be a constant companion, in whom I could confide all my hopes, dreams, heartaches, worries, and who would be a great source of love, comfort, and friendship.

I pray that my girls will find in each other all of this and more.

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