Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First "Swim" of the Season

Yesterday afternoon, my mom surprised me with this early birthday gift--a beautiful angel fountain for our patio, one that I've wanted forever! Dylan and Caitlyn were almost as excited as I was, and couldn't wait to get it set up. It didn't take long for me to figure out why! I had stepped back into the house for no more than an instant when, under the watchful gaze of the stone angel, the kids stripped off every stitch of clothing and splashed, bare butt naked, right into the small pool formed by the base! Oh, the horrible, wailing drama that ensued when I tried to patiently explain to them that this was not a toy but something to be enjoyed by simply watching. Somehow, in the process, I ended up promising them their very own swimming pool...which brings us to todays fun! When Darren got home from work this afternoon (he only worked until lunch time) we loaded into the van and headed to Target. There we found the perfect pool that could easily be set up on our back patio (under the shade!) and Dylan and Caitlyn were positively giddy the whole way home. Darren and I hadn't even brought all the bags in from the van before both kids were undressed and searching for their swimsuits! Such impatient exuberance! Not bothered a bit by the cold water, they jumped right in as soon as the pool was filled and played happily until it was time for dinner. They're already looking forward to tomorrow, when I'm sure they'll be asking to "swim" again the moment they get out of bed!

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erin said...

Those expressions are pricless! (=