Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Sneak Peek

Our new master bedroom, a.k.a. The Girls' old bedroom
Here's a little look at the great big project we went ahead with during our Spring Break, even though the week also unexpectedly included well-child checks for all of our children, taking up an entire afternoon (okay, well that wasn't really unexpected, but it sure took more time than we anticipated!) and helping with funeral arrangements for my Grandpa, who was laid to rest yesterday morning.  It was a crazy week, but a great one, and I have to say that I LOVE the way our new bedrooms are coming along.  Here's what we decided to do:  our bedroom, which I always thought was way too crazy big to begin with, became the new shared bedroom for all five kids.  And contrary to what one might first think, they actually have MORE room to play than they did in their former bedrooms, which became our master bedroom (pictured above) and a brand new study.  Although we had a study years ago (when Dylan was a baby) I never imagined I would ever again have a study in this house!  There is still a lot of work to be done in changing out closets, but so far I am just so pleased with how beautiful and practical the rooms are.  The kids absolutely love their great big new room (pictures to come soon; we're still waiting for Dylan's bed to be delivered!) and I think our new master bedroom is so peaceful.  Caitlyn and Dylan have already discovered that the new study makes a perfect reading room.  :)  I can't wait to share more before and after photos! 


Jamie Jo said...

OH, my husband and I have talked about doing this for years..putting all the girls in our room, and adding someday a master bedroom for us. (that's the 5 year plan...we'll see)

I love your new room it looks so fresh and clean!

Melissa said...

Jamie, that's our 5 year plan, too!!! Or maybe sooner if we can do it. The kids love sharing a room now, but ultimately I would love for the master bedroom to be just for the girls (with their own bathroom and walk-in closet), the boys would each have their own room with a bathroom to share, and I'd love to build a separate master suite for Darren and me. :)