Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mud Angels


Two more photos for your viewing pleasure! :) I was starting to worry that my other children would feel left out, what with the overload of Austin pics I've been posting, and I love these two that I took of Meghan and Kristen on Sunday afternoon! (The weather here has been just gorgeous, too pretty to stay inside!) Jill, I don't currently have a phone on which to take cool pics, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying playing with different techniques in Photoshop! :) 

*About the phone: when we lost our old one, we took the opportunity to release ourselves from my brother's family plan, since there is a good chance he will be moving to the other side of the country this summer. But now that we've been without it for a while, we can't decide if we actually want to replace it with a plan of our own! It feels so bold and daring to find myself out and about without that tether, lol! (But a little scary, too.  What if my van broke down or wouldn't start again, like the time I was stranded at Dollar Tree with my two littles?!)  What's your opinion? Cell phone or no? Just curious!


Jill said...


I vowed to be the last person in the world to own an Iphone. I was so against the idea of being chained to a machine and so annoyed with all of the things I saw like kids glued to Iphones instead of playing outside at a sibling soccer practice or people turning away from an in-person conversation just because their phone beeped indicating they had an email...

But, I now own an Iphone.

So, it started when the Girl Scout troop took my daughter on an outting without me really knowing. They thought I was on the email list but I wasn't and I went to get Aslynn at school and she was off on a field trip and I heard I had to pick her up at such and such a time but didn't know where it was and I had to continue on my pick up rounds for the boys at their schools. I needed to Google! I used my regular phone to try to call Paul but couldn't reach him...

Then, my point and shoot went dead and I got my new fancy camera which I didn't want to lug everywhere. I wanted a second little camera to carry around.

Then I went over my minutes on my regular phone (I have long waits in the car pickup lines at the kids' various schools so I chat with my mom or my mother in law.) So, Paul said upping my minutes would be almost as much as just getting the Iphone.

Then, I started 'losing out' on various volunteer opportunities. The hospitality committee would put out an email request and all the slots were filled by the Iphone mommies before I could even get to my computer to check email.

SO, there you have it.

Do I like it?
Kind of. I love the camera/Instagram aspect. I can easily capture all sorts of fun moments during the day.

Do I feel tied down?
Sort of. I turned off all beeps and dings that indicate I have email messages. That makes me feel tied down. I will check when I want.

I do like it at 5:30 in the morning when I am nursing the baby on the couch. I can 'knock off' email and facebook checking and then not have to go to my computer later.

In keeping with your post on being nostalgic for the old way of communication with phones. Well, I totally have that. In my own world where I didn't feel like I had to keep up with technology I would have none of it! That's a whole other story of how I almost miss the days when my car broke down and I had to walk to a random house to ask to use someone's phone. In reality that sounds so unsafe...I guess that's an extreme example. I will write more on my reflections on how technology is slowly making me insane.

It's funny. I want my kids to experience life the way we had it with no cell phones, GPS devices, etc...I felt so free when my friends and I were out and about as teens...and yet when I think of them driving I totally want them to have all of it for their safety. It's such an inner conflict!

Another Jill answer for you. :)

Love the pictures.

Becki said...

Perhaps an emergencies-only prepaid? You know you have the willpower to resist "misusing" it - your Lenten absence from Facebook proves it! Miss you on there, by the way!