Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path: Highlights from "O" week

I feel the need to hurry and post our "O" week before we've finished "P" week, especially since my mom will be here TOMORROW (!!!) and I don't know how frequently I'll be blogging during the month she's here! So, quickly, here's the abbreviated version of what we did:

St. Odilia and Orchis Fairy coloring pages

Tuna fish sandwiches and ocean cups, examining our sea shell collection from Nonny!

Fun with Cheerios!
The Cheerios Play Book and Cheerios bracelets!

Owls and Oil Pastels

I think these are the only things I managed to get pictures of. Other topics that week were the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, for which we made Oatmeal Pancakes from our Alpha-Bakery cookbook. Crepes might be more traditional, but I read this in The Catholic Home: "...all Christmas ornaments, decorations, and anything else not taken down on January 6 must be packed away until next year. You can easily offset any reluctance to do this with the promise of a pancake breakfast. Pancakes and crepes are traditionally eaten for Candlemas because of their sunny color and shape." I totally went with the pancakes. :)

We read The Our Father and Hail Mary, and The Owl and the Pussycat, and other assorted storybooks. We had fun with Ocean Math, Ocean word worksheets, and...I guess that's about it. Doesn't look like much now, but it was a fun week!

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