Monday, January 04, 2010

Who's teaching whom?

I was perusing the books on our shelves this morning in preparation for "L" week, which we'll begin next Monday. I was having a hard time deciding what exactly we should study, having already selected Light, Lions, Abraham Lincoln, and Leonardo da Vinci. I paused at our selection of volcano books, thinking that perhaps Lava could be included with L, but decided instead to wait until we got to letter "V". (Our topics that week, I'm sure, will be much more limited.)

A short while later, I settled myself into the comfy rocking recliner in my bedroom for a quick session with my breast pump and watched as, ironically, Dylan typed out a new magazine (Bananature: The Earth: Our Amazing Planet!) with lightning speed. This particular section just made me smile!

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Blair said...

What a gifted little boy you have! And how ironic about the topic! Praying for you in this big transition and that your little "Texan" will be home very soon!