Saturday, January 23, 2010

Learning along the Alphabet Path: Week "L"

While I had every intention of posting each week's learning highlights, I've done a terrible job of actually doing so! I think the last letter I posted about was "H", and we also finished "I", "J", and "K" before Christmas. Rather than trying to backtrack, though, I'll just start with the weeks we've finished since starting school again.

Last week was "L" week. It was so nice having Darren home for our first week back to school! "L" was for St. Lucy, Lovely Lilac, Lavender, and Lily-of-the-valley. Copywork included our letter L practice handwriting pages and a little verse from Aesop's Fables (The Lion and the Mouse). History lessons targeted Abraham Lincoln and Leonardo da Vinci. (I think this graphic novel was Dylan's favorite book that week!) Here are some of the other books we enjoyed; sorry, I'm too lazy to link them all right now. ;)

Science topics included Leaves, Lions, Ladybugs, and Light. I took this picture of the table beside our couch one day that week because it was just looked so lovely:

We had many fun read alouds that week, including The Little Red Lighthouse, Ladybug Girl, Dandelion, and Honey...Honey...Lion! We just love Jan Brett, and from her website I printed some lion coloring pages that go along with Honey...Honey...Lion! Simple, but the kids enjoyed them!

We also enjoyed playing and experimenting with light! We read The Magic School Bus Gets a Bright Idea and then completed the little experiment from their website.

Taking advantage of brief periods of sunlight, we also took the children out into the backyard to demonstrate the neat little trick of magnifying sunlight. They thought that was so cool!

(I love that last picture of Dylan! It is such a perfect snapshot of my quickly growing boy: shaggy hair, bubble gum bubble, intent focus on the leaf he'd just burned...and look, you can even see in the top left corner the sad remains of the snowman we made weeks ago!)

Of course we also had to have a tea time treat; this week, from our Alpha-Bakery cookbook, was Lemon Squares! Yum! Next time I'll be sure to double the recipe. :)

Coming up next: Week "M", which we just finished! I thought I'd post it this morning, too, but I'm out of time. Maybe this afternoon! Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!

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