Thursday, May 21, 2009

How pathetic is this?

Submitting last night to the pervasive sense of loneliness that's been weighing so heavily on my heart, I keyed in a Google search for Catholic homeschoolers in my area. No results, of course, and I'd not really been expecting any, having searched at least a hundred times in the past for this very elusive entity. Plenty in the northernmost regions of our state, but none in reasonable driving distance from here, so, failing that, I thought I'd try a less specific search: "[My City] Catholic moms". Scanning the resulting list, one in particular caught my eye. Seventh down, a quite familiar description...wait a minute, that's ME! My abandoned MySpace page. (Hello, Facebook!) That's right, I turned up in my own Google search.


I feel much like Lillian right now, except that I've lived here my whole life so I really have no good excuse.

Please, God, send me a friend. And if she could just happen to be another Catholic homeschooling mother of many small children, that would be just awesome. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi - I randomly check into your blog (found it on catholic mom online) and wanted to suggest that you give a call over to your parish and other local Catholic parishes. The Religious Education Director can point you to any homeschooling moms in the area who have children receiving the sacraments in the parish. I found several people that way, not exactly a CO-OP, but some like-minded people.

Good luck and God Bless.

mom-in-training said...

You just need to move here. :)

Charlotte (Matilda) said...

I agree with both commenters. Try your parish office. Homeschoolers sometimes stay well hidden and if that doesn't work, just move over one state! We'd love to have you!!!

Celeste said...

I agree with Robin. It is so time Darren made a job move to Houston!!!!!! I miss you.

PS - tell Darren I bought his book for my dad for father's day!

Anonymous said...


I know that this may not be the perfect solution but I would like to help you anyway possible. I have two friends who are Catholic and homeschool their children and they both keep blogs with links to sources and ideas. I know that they aren't in your area one lives in Salt Lake City and the other outside Pittsburgh but sometimes even blog friends can be great friends and resources. Check them out and feel free to contact them.


Sarah said...

Meliss, sorry to hear about your current lonely Catholic motherhood. I hear you and have been (am still, some days) there. Unfortunately, distance keeps me away from meeting you, but may our hearts be strung together as I offer prayers for a faithful, Catholic, mom-friend for you. I'm thinking of you!

elizabeth said...

Well...I don't know what city you are it Houston? But if you are anywhere close to the San Fernando Valley in California; you are SO WELCOME TO JOIN US. We are 10+ Catholic Homeschooling families strong and growing.

If you are too far away then I offer you my prayers for close good friends to find their way to you.

God bless,

Blair said...

(((Melissa))) I'm sorry you haven't found a real-life homeschooling community or friend. Don't give up! I'll also share that we have met many wonderful Christian homeschooling families who share a lot of our values, even if not all our Catholic theology. I really admire you; I'm not sure I could do this without a support network of friends. Blessings to you!

Mary @ Cheerios said...

I understand! It is tough to have those feelings of "loneliness" but keep begging God to answer your dear prayer. Be persistent with God :)
God bless, Mary
p.s. you are welcome to come check out my blog-we have lots of little ones too :)

Lillian said...

Oh Melissa! My heart goes out to you! How about First Fridays?? Lots of homeschoolers attend first Friday mass.

Have you googled TORCH or ARCH homeschoolers? Or joined any yahoo groups that might have homeschoolers online in your area? I would try to find them at either First Friday or maybe asking your priest or parish office? You just need to find one homeschooler to tell you where the rest are at. Just one!

Praying for you, dear friend!!

Sometimes I think the hardest part of homeschooling is the loneliness. I'll pray you find a group.

What about asking your priest if you can put an anouncement in your bulletin calling for all homeschoolers (or those thinking about it) to come over for coffee and dessert one evening. Maybe the others are lonely, too, and need someone to get an informal group started????