Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day!

We made a few simple May Day baskets this morning to distribute among our neighbors. I would have made more, but I was afraid that if Darren came home and discovered that all of the flowers in our gardens had been clipped he would have been very unhappy! Three was enough, I think, for our closest neighbors, and the children and I really enjoyed sneaking from door to door!

Dylan asked me before bed last night if we could make pretzels today, as was our custom every Friday during Lent. Always happy to comply with his simply sweet requests, I'm planning to serve them for lunch and was pleased to remember this morning that pretzels are also often associated with St. Joseph, whose memorial we observe today. Although this custom is more closely tied to his solemnity in March, it works perfectly for us today! :)

Happy May Day!

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Jill said...

Happy May Day!
We delivered baskets around the neighborhood as well, but didn't have such lovely flowers. We just had to go with candy. I really wanted flowers, though, and was tempted to stuff some dandelions in there. :)