Thursday, March 19, 2009

A St. Patrick's Day Birthday!

It's so hard to believe that our little Kristen Marie has turned one year old! It just doesn't seem possible that an entire year has already passed since the day she was born. But what a year it's been! It has been such a joy to witness our tiny, delicate, bud of a baby blossom into the most darling little girl. She absolutely amazes us. She was treated on Tuesday to a birthday breakfast of green pancakes with sprinkles, which she promptly devoured. My baby loves to eat! :)

After breakfast, the older children enjoyed helping me make some St. Patrick's Day treats, including some yummy snacks, green kool-aid, and scented play dough. While they were outside with Daddy enjoying a science demonstration in the cactus garden, I cut the cooled dough into shamrock shapes and packaged it into personalized baggies for each of them. They had so much fun playing with it when they came back inside!

Darren and I spent much of the afternoon in the kitchen, where I baked a birthday cake, two loaves of bread, a beautiful Irish Soda Bread, and Darren prepared a feast of corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots. My dad was unable to join us, after all, but one of my brothers did manage to make it over in time for dinner before a rehearsal he had that night. He couldn't stay for cake, but we were all too full to have any immediately after dinner, anyway! I wish I had a better to picture to share of the wonderful food, but this is all I've got. Horrible lighting, but happy children. :)

Kristen really enjoyed opening her presents (with a little help, of course, from her sisters and brother!) Because she so enjoys participating in their tea parties, the girls gave her the most adorable little tea set of her own. It is so cute! Dylan gave her some bright little Stack & Roll cups, which can stack, nest, or snap together as balls, and she loves them! Darren and I gave her a clever little Stroll-Along Walker (and coordinating baby), and it is so fun to see her practice walking!

She was so cute when it was finally time for cake. Seated securely on Caitlyn's lap, she reached out and grabbed a fistful of frosting before we could even light the candle! She seemed stunned at the delicious desert set before her when we served her her very own plate of cake and ice cream! She grinned at us with each bite and was a mess by the time she was finished! I think her sweet little fingers are still stained green. :)


Mrs Marcos said...

Love the birthday cake! Happy birthday to your sweet girl, can't believe she is 1 already!

Jamie said...

Oh, happy birthday and many blessings to your sweet baby!!!

That cake is beautiful, did you make it?

I love all your party snacks and plans, what a fun birthday!!!

Shannon said...

hard to believe she was a preemie! she's a perfectly big and beautiful girl!
Happy Birthday!

Jill said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to sweet Miss Kristen Marie! What a lovely St. Patrick's day themed party. Love that cake. You are so creative!
What a doll. Tons of kisses to her from us!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday little girl. You are so pretty!