Monday, March 16, 2009

Cowboy Days, continued

I'm too exhausted to actually be blogging right now, but I wanted to share these pictures from the Cowboy Days festival we took the children to this past weekend. It was so much fun, and, though a bit cooler than usual, the weather was otherwise lovely. I am so glad my work schedule actually worked to my advantage! (I never did get called in that night!) I'd like to give a nice little commentary on each photo, but it would require too much effort and besides, they're all pretty much self explanatory. And yes, there is a ridiculous number of Kristen riding the little wooden pony but I just couldn't help myself! Enjoy!

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Martha said...

I really enjoyed the pictures of all the kids - they sure are growing! It looks like they had fun. Maybe I'll get to see you at Brad's wedding - I hope so, because I'd love to see Kristen - and all of you!