Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Tote Meme

Okay, I've been tagged twice now for this meme, so, although it goes against my better judgement to post such an embarrassment, I'm sharing with you all My Tote. If you're thinking that it looks remarkably like a diaper bag, that would be because it is. No cute purses here, I'm afraid. Although I am happy to report that this little number is actually an improvement over what I was using last week, which was a big ol' black falling apart thing I got from the hospital after one of my children's births. (Which one, I can't remember.) Anyway, the zipper finally gave out last week and I was tired of struggling to keep its contents in, but, loathe as I am to spend money needlessly (scrap supplies excepted at this point, no wise comments here, Darren) I refused to go out and buy a replacement. I remembered this smaller, somewhat cuter bag I bought when Meghan was younger. When Kristen was a newborn it just wasn't big enough to pull double duty, what with all the paraphernalia I carried then, but now that she's older and not in need of so much stuff when we're out, this one will work again quite nicely. I chose it specifically because I felt it was neutral enough that Darren wouldn't mind carrying it when he's out by himself with the kids (although then I guess he wouldn't really be by himself, would he? But what I meant is when he's out with the children without me.)

Okay, then. There you go. My tote. I tell myself that one that one of these days I'll be able to choose from as many cute purses as I want. By then, though, I'm sure I'll miss carrying a diaper bag. :(


Celeste said...

Enjoyed the little snippet. Always fun to learn about people. Lots of love.

Jamie said...

The bag fits you!! I love it, might have to get that one for myself!

You look beautiful too! (you always do!)

Thanks for playing along!

Jen said...

I think it's cute, and so are you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Taking mindless blather to a whole new level
-- The Critic

Frances said...

I just realized I might need to combine purse and diaper bag rather than trying to carry both AND baby. Hmmm.

Tina said...

Hi Melissa,

I love reading your blog. I found it via Jamie's blog. I would like to get to know you better, so I tagged you. Drop by my blog and please take part.

God Bless,