Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catholic Science

I remember once, back at the very beginning of our homeschooling journey, one of my friends asked me how I planned to teach science from a wholly Catholic perspective. I wasn't yet entirely sure, but I'm able to say now that I've been quite pleased with the science text Dylan and I have been using this year. This analogy from yesterday's lesson regarding the sun and moon, for example, is (in my opinion) quite lovely:

"God is the Maker of all that we discover in science. He delights in showing Himself to us through His creation. In this case, it is the sun and the moon which help us better to understand Our Lord and Lady. Our Lord is the source of all grace, goodness, and light; we cannot have life apart from Him. His creation, the sun, is the source of all light. It is absolutely necessary for life on earth.

As the moon orbits close by and reflects the light of the sun to earth, so Our Lady stays close to us, perfectly reflecting God's will. She showers us with light and grace which come from Our Lord. When we are struggling with the darkness of sin, the glorious 'Son-light' of Jesus shows us the true way

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Therese said...

What a beautiful text!