Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving. (Better late than never.)

I was so happy to see tonight that my sister-in-law posted some super cute photos of their Thanksgiving celebration, and then sheepishly realized that I've yet to post any of our own. How does this happen? Could it be, perhaps, that I've spent the better part of the last two weeks battling the cough that just won't quit? I am so exhausted. But, because I know that Darren's dad, at least, has been patiently awaiting updates, here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving photos. I was especially happy to have captured a perfect Christmas card worthy photo of all four children together. And yay! This year, it only took five tries!

My Aunt and her husband graciously hosted a beautiful meal and had a wonderful activity table set up for the children to color and craft before dinner. (Aunt Martha, we missed you!) We had a great time!

Edited to add: Oops! I told you I was exhausted! I completely forgot last night that I also wanted to include these pictures my dad e-mailed me. The first one is of him and his sister. (That's their mom—my grandma!—holding Kristen in the second picture above.) Also pictured here is the lovely craft table I mentioned...complete with my entire family! :)


Sherri said...

Don't worry..I haven't posted my Thanksgiving post yet either. It's because of all of the birthday stuff we are doing right now! I was thinking about doing my Thanksgiving post today. As long as I get it done by Christmas, I will be okay :).
Your pictures are amazing...beautiful!!!

Shannon said...

i love this last picture... you look stunning, melissa!!
so glad to see an update from you!
Enjoy this Advent... prayers!

Martha said...

I really missed being with everyone at your Aunt Portia's for Thanksgiving. It sounds like everyone had a great time! I hope to see Kristen one day! She is getting so big and is so darling. I enjoyed the pictures you posted and the description of the day . . . thanks!

Jill said...

Low coffee tables are the best for kid stuff! Our's is 'car central' for the boys. The legs are already duct taped on. I don't know what we'll do if it falls apart! :)

You guys all look great. Wonderful pictures.

"The cough that won't quit" has attacked all of my children. We're going on four weeks for Marcus and Bennett. I hope your cough goes away soon. I'm not counting on anything. I knew we would spend our first winter here pretty much sick for the entire time.

Hope you are enjoying your advent! I think of you often.

Jen said...

I thought I had left a comment, and when I came back to check your blog, I realized I hadn't. Ack! These pics are just beautiful! It looks like everyone had a great time. I love the black and white one at the top. :-)