Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Kristen's very first Christmas included her very first trip to the Emergency Room! (Because, you know, there's just never enough excitement around here.) Somehow, in the first few moments after awakening on Christmas morning, shortly after being placed in the center of the living room floor among the many treasures brought by Santa, Kristen began screaming, and screaming, and soon, she wouldn't even open her eyes. Sufficiently scared, we called the on-call pediatrician, who advised us to take her in to the ER right away in case she had suffered a corneal abrasion, which, he said, could quickly become infected if left untreated. Poor Kristen! Her first Christmas, spent in the waiting room of the ER! Sure enough, though, she had somehow acquired a nasty scratch down her right cornea, which Darren said glowed a garish orange under the black light with which they examined her eye.

But by evening, after a dose of Motrin and a couple applications of antibiotic ointment, she was feeling well enough to finally open her gifts in the darkened living room. (You can see in the photo below the hospital ID band around her right ankle. We forgot to take it off until we were getting her ready for bed!)

Happily, she seems to have recovered remarkably well, and shows no distress at all, even in full light. She was rechecked yesterday morning, as per doctor's orders, and we were advised to continue the ointment through the weekend, though she shows no signs of complications.

Other memorable moments, and a few favorite photos, from our unforgettable Christmas:

I pray you all had a very blessed and joyous Christmas!


Celeste said...

Dearest Melissa,

What an eventful day! Like you said, just the excitement of Christmas morning wasn't enough. I hope she heals quickly and I hope you are feeling better.

It looks like Caitlyn and Meghan got some AG dolls. Nicole got another one she had been wanting. I'll have to post her photo. Someday! Life is crazy. Preparing to put the house on the market and in about a month moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it.

Bless you all.
Much love,

Jill said...

What fun to see such lovely photos of your Christmas celebration!
It was funny to see Meghan with her Emily doll. I took a double take and thought I was on my own blog for a minute. (As if Emily couldn't exist anywhere else but in our house!)

I hope Kristin continues to be her cheery self despite her eye. What an eventful first Christmas for her!

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Michelle said...

Poor thing. I had scratched my cornea very badly 10 years ago and it was the worst pain I had ever experienced. My head felt like someone was cutting it with an axe. So, I can feel for the babe. Luckily for her there were not complications - which I dealt with. My eldest charge suffered from a cornea abrasion about a month ago - she had a piece of gravel stuck in her eye. Yuck

Blair said...

Hehe! Mary Clare got "Emily" over here, and Ellie got "Elizabeth". They are over the moon with their AG dolls and have had a blast since their cousins got the dolls too!

Looks like a wonderful Christmas and I'm so glad Meghan is doing better. What a difficult way to spend Christmas morning :(

Jen said...

Melissa, I know exciting how you feel with the excitement of four children. The majority of David's first year was spent in the ER. Isn't it amazing when these things decide to happen? I'm glad she's okay, but so sorry her first Christmas had to be spent in the hospital. It will make for a great story when she's older, right? The pictures are beautiful of the other kiddos. How are you feeling? You were sick too. Take care of yourself and rest my dear!

Jen said...

I meant to say "exactly how you feel"...not exciting. I can't type, or think. Sorry! :-)

BrodNeil said...


I am a catholic too and I believe in the bountiful blessings God has prepared for us in life.

I am really happy to pass by your blog.

More blessings to you and your family.