Friday, May 30, 2008

I love this

by Dylan, age 6


Matilda said...

Your young man is an amazing artist!! I hope you know that! It is quite a gift God has given him!

Jill said...

Amazing. Do you frame his creations for room decor? They are just incredible.

Also, the photoshopping was great. Your first dance picture is breathtaking. In both versions.

And I just LOVED your 'babies' post. Just beautiful. Like Jen said, I see so much of myself in your sentiments. Although, my tandem nursing was not exactly by choice, and probably not officially tandem nursing. ;) My boys were born 8 days after Aslynn turned two. When I look back at the photos I can't believe that she was basically my baby holding my new babies. But, at the time she seemed like a giant. In my moments of deep nostalgia I get rather saddened that I really can't go back. The memories of all of the children at all the stages are so fresh and so wonderful that I often think of their childhood as fluid somehow...and if I dream deep enough I could actually go back and hold my firstborn again. Since I can't I am snatching up Henry whenever I can and hugging and loving him to pieces. I hope he's not my last, but I'm not taking any chances! The little guy's cheeks will be worn off soon.

I hope you keep blogging for a long time. (If you don't, I'm staying in touch with you anyway!) It will be interesting to see how many sweet babies you are blessed with. When pressed I have always said five as well...but I don't know what our future holds either. Hopefully we can get another one of those gorgeous pink bundles you seem to keep getting. ;)

Babies. What a gift.

Sherri said...

Wow...I'm impressed!!