Sunday, December 09, 2007

18 weeks

I find it rather incredible that I've already progressed to nearly the halfway point of this pregnancy. Time is just flying by! Jill recently asked if we planned to find out the baby's gender, but the truth is that I honestly don't know yet! When we were expecting Dylan, we absolutely did not want to know the sex ahead of time. We couldn't wait for the big surprise at the moment of delivery and I will never forget my jubilant exclamation of "It's a BOY!" as the midwife lifted him onto my chest. So when the time came to have a twenty week ultrasound with Caitlyn, we again opted not to find out in favor of the "wait and see" approach. However, an abnormal MSAFP result necessitated serial ultrasounds as my pregnancy progressed and finally, the temptation to find out was just too much. We were thrilled to learn we were having a girl and it was so fun to buy "girly" things as we awaited Caitlyn's birth. With Meghan, we figured that either way, boy or girl, we already had everything we needed in the way of clothes, blankets, and accessories. She would be our "tie breaker", so to speak, so again, we didn't find out. But I was absolutely convinced that she was going to be a boy! I was so shocked when, right after she was born, my midwife announced that we had a girl! Early on in this pregnancy, I felt pretty sure that I would want to find out the baby's sex this time around, if only to avoid that same sense of disorientation that I experienced briefly when Meghan was born. ("What?! A girl?! No, no, that can't be right!") However, as the potential moment of truth draws nearer, my resolve is wavering. I kind of like not knowing. And Darren has remained steadfast in his desire not to know ahead of time. So will we find out? I guess I'd have to say maybe. Eventually, I suppose. But it might not be until the birth!


Matilda said...

I was completely convinced that my 3rd was a oy too and had the same experience whenthe midwife called out...It's's a GIRL? That was why we did find out that #4 was a boy when we had the chance. I no longer trusted my instincts but my husband didn't have a preference one way or the other.

P.S. You look gaw-geous!

Stephanie said...

We didn't find out with #1. We did with #2 so we'd know if we needed clothes. I'm 34 weeks now and finally convinced my DH that we weren't going to find out but at my 30 wk ultrasound...we told the MALE tech we didn't know the sex but we wanted him to write it down for my mom. After my DH left the room, the tech pointed to the screen and told me it's a girl! I really wanted to be surprised. I like to hear the doc say it and then I like that everyone asks, "What is it?" So...good luck deciding. It's one of the last great surprises in life! Besides, it drives your friends crazy!

Jill said...

We found out with our first (a girl) because it was just so exciting for us. Aslynn was the first grandchild on both sides and everyone wanted to buy gifts and clothing. I said I would let the next one be a surprise, but it was twins and, of course, we had to have a TON of ultrasounds. I became so tuned in to identifying everything on the ultrasounds that there was no way to avoid seeing two little boys! Then, when I was pregnant with Henry...I said again that I was not going to find out. But, I couldn't do it! I'm so bad with surprises! They also feared that he had a cleft lip, so we ended up with a ton of ultrasounds again. Chances are I would have known by then anyway.
Next time I won't find out!! (Well, that's what I tell myself!)

Anyway, either way is great I'm sure. It's a precious little baby no matter when the surprise is opened. (Although, like Stephanie said, it WILL drive your friends crazy. Like me. I guess I'll have to keep reading your blog to find out...HA I'm not a loyal fan already!)

And you look SO cute. I love pregnant bellies. Thanks for posting that adorable picture.

Sherri said...

That's a really great picture of you...the lighting is also amazing.

We didn't find out what we were having with any of our babies....we also loved the excitement of waiting. I initially thought that my first was a girl, but my husband was convinced that it was a boy. He was so shocked when she came out a girl! I really wasn' was my first feeling that she was.
The only one that we had an idea with was Carter because we could sort of see it on the ultrasound tape that we brought home.
I love waiting!

Jen said...

You are SO beautiful! I am so bad with needing to know what I'm having. I don't know why! The techs always were annoyed with me because I was pestering them, "Can you tell us if it's a boy or girl? Can you? Can you see?" I was so bad. I think I would go with what your husband wants. That way, you have your answer. My husband was just as bad as me. We HAD to know. We had girl, boy, girl, boy. It was pretty funny.

Erin said...

So glowy!

Jody said...

You do look wonderful! Seeing your pregnant belly reminds me of myself last year. My son was born May 11 this year. I love hearing about peoples reasons behind finding out or not finding out. I know you don't know me but I have been reading your blog and just would like to share with you...We found out with our first (a girl) which is what I thought, we found out with our second (a boy) which is what I thought. The first trimester was completely different then my first pregnancy. With our third I didn't find out but my husband did. The tech wrote it down for him. He kept it a secret the entire time! I was convinced that we were having another girl (and even told the nurse that while I was in labor) so I was shocked when I looked up to see a baby boy! But it was thrilling! I look back now and laugh at myself for thinking he was a girl. It is wonderful either way. Congratulations again!

He who wears the most black wins. said...

After finding out the sex of our first and second, we decided to NOT find out with the third because, like you, we figured, Hey, we have everything we'll need -both boy and girl stuff. It was the best surprise ever! AND there is that added bonus of driving your friends and family crazy! ;) It was hard not to not know but when he was born it was so awesome to have just. one. last. surprise. You know? Not finding out Roan's sex was a no-brainer.

Much like natural childbirth, now that I've done it, I wouldn't go back. I can't believe I just said that. Seriously. Me and Pain? We don't have a fun relationship.

Love you!!!

By the way--you should have ninety more children looking like that half way through! So beautiful, Melissa. You're so beautiful.

He who wears the most black wins. said...

er....hard NOT to know, rather. Commenting before being totally awake can wreak havoc on ones grammatical skills.

Blair said...

You look great, Melissa! I can't believe you're halfway there either! Seems like just yesterday you found out. But then it also feels like yesterday I found out...and my baby's arrival is just days away!

Celeste said...

Melissa you look absolutely beautiful. I always loved being pregnant at Christmas time. It is such a constant reminder of Mary as she carried Jesus. And I have been pregnant in the Christmas season all four times. Cool - I just realized that!

We never have found out. It is just so much fun for us to find out at that moment. Like Nicole said - one last surprise! I think either way can be fun though. I will wait patiently be it in a couple of weeks or 20 weeks. :)

We are so excited for you. What a blessing!

Much love dear one!

Jane Ramsey said...

You look so beautiful, Melissa!

Can't wait to find out what the little one is! Hey! You could have a contest and let us guess what the sex and birth date will be ;-)
That would be fun.