Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My little captives

There was a nice breeze blowing this morning and I decided to open several windows to allow the fragrant freshness into our home. After a while, I asked Dylan, "Honey, have you seen Caitlyn?".

"Oh", he replied. "Yeah! She's sitting on her dresser looking out her window. I raised the blinds all the way for her so she could see out even better!"

While I don't normally condone climbing onto furniture, this just sounded too cute to resist. I had to take a peek! There she sat, sure enough, feet hanging down behind her dresser onto the windowsill, smiling at looking out her bedroom window at the rose bushes just beyond the screen. When Dylan saw that I wasn't mad, he quickly scampered up, too. I grinned as I walked away, endeared by their adorable sweetness.

A moment later, I rushed back in at the sound of their shouts.

"HELLO!", they were calling in unison. "IS ANYONE THERE? ARE THERE ANY NEIGHBORS OUT THERE?".

"GUYS!", I shushed them in a loud whisper, with a furtive glance at the walk outside. "What on earth....? Get down from there! Sheesh".

For the rest of the morning, I kept expecting to hear a knock at my door, an inquiry into the shouts from my poor imprisoned children!


Crafty Mom said...

That is too funny!! I was expecting that she fell out the window. Knowing my children, one would definately pop the screen and be out. I found my 2 year old in the outside window well the other day. He thought it was fun to climb in, but then he couldn't get out.

mom-in-training said...

This post just brought a smile to my face. Too funny!

Alice said...

That is funny! It reminds me of Rapunzel!