Friday, March 02, 2007


It's often the littlest considerations that give my morning such a wonderfully right start. Just a little while ago, for instance, Darren turned to me at the coffee pot and said those magical words I just so love to hear: "Would you like to go get in the shower before I have to leave for work?"

Oh, YES, yes I would, thank you very much!

What a luxury it is for me to be able to spend a few extra minutes in a nice hot shower, without little people coming in and out of the bathroom, and not worrying about what sort of trouble little Meghan (or her big brother and sister!) might be getting into!

Thank you, Darren. I love all the little ways you love me!


Frances said...

And I love the way you share your love for Darren and your children with us. Thank you, Melissa - you are positively uplifting.

mom-in-training said...

I completely agree with the previous poster - your blog is always such a joy to read!

And what a sweetheart Darren is. There is nothing like a hot, QUIET shower. :) Bill has been out of town all week and every night I've had to take my shower while Amy stood right outside the shower door and screamed at me. I feel guilty for taking a shower!

Mom of boys said...

My husband can get into work whenever, as long as it isn't too late, so this is also a luxury that I am afforded. I also appreciate it immensely!

Kristen Laurence said...

Yes, these men of ours are wonderful! Thank you for sharing the generosity in your home!