Friday, March 16, 2007


Words just can't express how happy little discoveries like this make me:

I am forever finding Dylan's drawings strewn about the house. From the moment he wakes up in the morning--often right up until it's time for bed--he's drawing or coloring, and I'm frequently surprised at the wonderful works I find when I'm tidying up his room. This is one I found on his desk this morning as I was getting some clothes out of his dresser drawers. Here is a closer look...I just love it!

He has also developed quite an interest in creating his own books, especially since acquiring his very own stapler. (Which really took some pleading on his part! I still vividly recall stapling my finger to a bulletin board in my third grade classroom--I was quite accident prone as a child--so it was with trepidation that I agreed to let him have his own!) But he has proven himself to be very conscientious, and has put together some of the cutest little books! One of my favorites is a Kasey the Kinderbot coloring book he made a few days ago. I just think these illustrations are so adorable!

And, here is another of Dylan's drawings that I just have to share!

We're all still a little bit obsessed with the Wiggles...seeing them in concert was just such a happy, wonderful experience! (Darren thinks it's hilarious that I have been heard saying in recent days, "Hey, kids, do you want to watch a Wiggles video?!") I can't help it...but I'm worried that I may have developed just a slight crush on Anthony (a.k.a. "The Blue Wiggle"). How pathetic is that?! :)

Oh, and on a completely unrelated topic: does anyone else remember those fabulous deeley boppers of the early 1980's? I had a pair topped with the likeness of Smurfette, and I thought they were the absolute coolest thing. Of course, I was probably no more than six or seven years old, but still. our excitement for the St. Patrick's Day party we're having tomorrow, the kids and I have been doing all sorts of silly little crafts over the past couple of days. Today we made our own deeley boppers utilizing--what else?--card stock (I LOVE that stuff!), glitter, chenille stems, and a couple of Caitlyn's headbands. So easy, and so much fun! Here are Dylan and Caitlyn enjoying a "picnic" lunch on the couch in my bedroom this afternoon.

We're silly, I know. But we are having so much fun...and we've got more planned for tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

He is VERY talented. Oh my, Melissa. Really, I can't believe he is only 5. Amazing.

Blair said...

Have you talked to any professional art schools? I mean, he could illustrate some children's books! He has an amazing gift! Just phenomenal.

Lillian said...

WOW!! I'm impressed! I need to take lessons from you son. I can't believe he's five and drawing much better than most adults (me included!!).

Jamie said...

Wow, he's SO talented!! Have you ever checked out How Great Thou You would really like it, and he travels all over giving art lessons. He truly has a gift from God and how blessed he is to have such wonderful parents to foster that gift!

Melissa said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments! Dylan was so pleased to hear what nice things people had to say.

Jamie, thank you so much for letting me know about How Great Thou Art...I had never heard of it! It looks great, I can't wait to place an order!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Absolutely amazing!!!!