Monday, September 25, 2006

How's That For Timing?

By late yesterday afternoon, after indulging in a few too many fried green tomatoes over the weekend, the air in our house felt thick with the heavy scent of...grease.

It was quite unpleasant, let me tell you.

So instead of enjoying my typical Sunday afternoon nap, the one I've really come to rely on before going in to work, I found myself instead performing one of my least favorite household tasks: window duty.

I knew a good airing out was in order and so with myself on the inside and Darren on the outside of our house, we made our way from window to window, tightening screens, sweeping away cobwebs, wiping out tracks, and cleaning the glass. With our ceiling fans on high and new Glade Plug-Ins adorning every accessible outlet, it wasn't long before our home was restored to its usual pleasant self.

And I was never as happy to have done the dreaded deed as I was today, when our trusty old air conditioner decided to call it quits. We may be nearing the end of September, but here in the Land of Enchantment it still gets dreadfully hot during the day (at one point this afternoon reaching 88 degrees in our living room).

We've had those windows wide open all day long today, with fans working overtime. But really, I have to say: despite the heat, there was something quite comfortable about having those nice clean windows open to the fresh autumn air outside. So much so, in fact, that when Darren offered to call and arrange for someone to come out tomorrow morning for a look at the problem, I asked him to wait instead until Thursday, when he'll be home from his business trip.

I only hope that by tomorrow evening, I won't be regretting that decision!

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