Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Girl of Few Words

Meghan is a total mama's girl.

I don't mind saying this, because from the time they were born, Dylan and Caitlyn have been entirely devoted to Darren. (Well, almost entirely.)

But not my Meghan. Oh, no. This is a girl who will practically lunge out of Darren's arms when she sees me walk into a room, her entire body wiggling with delight, eyes alight with absolute adoration. It's a real sight to behold!

I love it.

Unlike Dylan and Caitlyn's infancies, during which time I was working three twelve hour night shifts a week and sleeping for long portions of the day, I have been here with Meghan every minute of every day. I savor every smile, every coo, every drooly "kiss". I celebrate every milestone ahievement as though she's the most brilliant baby in the world.

So it was with stunned silence that Darren and I stared at each other last night when Meghan proudly spoke her first word:


(And then, of course, we laughed and applauded, because really, she just may well be the most brilliant baby in the world.)


He who wears the most black wins. said...

SO funny! ;) ...and so true. All three of mine said Da-Da before Ma-Ma. What's up with that?!

Darren said...

Well, I hope no one in the office heard me laugh out loud when I read this one!!! You're right, though, TOTAL mommys girl, she can't get out of my hands fast enough when she sees you!

Mom to Almost Four said...

Ditto here!