Friday, August 04, 2006

Startling Admission

This morning, as I do every morning, I blearily reached into the dishwasher for two sippy cups and proceeded to fill them with chocolate milk, which the kids drank happily as I went about my morning routine. Nothing unusual about that.

However, as I began unloading the dishwasher later on as the kids were eating their lunch, I realized that the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes. Somehow, I forgot to run the dishwasher yesterday and only then, at that very terrible moment, remembered that I meant to start it before we left for Chuck E. Cheese's last night. Which means, to my utter horror, that the sippy cups I gave the kids this morning had been sitting there, with only a cursory rinse of their previous contents, for most of yesterday and all of last night!

Oh, no.

I quickly snatched them out of the fridge before the kids could use them again and loaded them back into the dishwasher, which I promptly started. Hopefully, I'll be just a little more observant next time.


jenny said...

From one Mom to another---
I just hit "next blog" at the top of my blog page and came across your blog. I enjoyed reading what you were thinking, and the pictures.

Maybe you can look at my blog. :-)Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Melissa, the same thing happened here on Friday morning. The kids got their own bowls out of the dishwasher to use for cereal, and I later discovered that the dishwasher hadn't been run. Yuck.