Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lazy Day

Here is just a small sample of some of what we've been up to today:

Borrowing this clever idea from the Balducci boys, the kids and I spent the better part of this morning on the floor with a giant roll of paper, crayons, and scissors. My kids now share their rooms with one Dylan sized Superman and a Caitlyn sized Cinderella. They are AWESOME!

After lunch, I let Dylan and Caitlyn select some temporary tattoos to adorn their faces. Dylan had a hard time deciding on just one.

Meghan has been an absolute angel today. She can pull herself up now, and loves standing and watching what's going on...especially when it involves her big brother or sister! She's such a happy baby!


He who wears the most black wins. said...

So awesome!!!

I have GOT to get on Shepherd. He seems to think that he can just sit around and drool. I am going to show him this picture of Meghan and maybe he'll get motivated. Honestly, I'm so ashamed.

;) Cheers!

erin said...

You have some of THE most beautiful children I have ever seen. No joke. Also, awesome decorations.