Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Does He Learn This?!

I was sitting at the dining room table helping Caitlyn finish her lunch. Dylan had just put his plate in the sink and I asked him to go lay down on the living room sofa to look at a book, because we were going to have some quiet time just as soon as Caitlyn finished eating.

Well, he did go into the living room....directly to the T.V.

With my back turned to him, I said, "Dylan, I asked you to read a book quietly, not watch T.V."

"But mom", he insisted, "I want to watch Clifford!"

"No T.V. right now! I said we're going to have quiet time! I might let you watch some T.V. later this afternoon."

It took great restraint on my part to keep from laughing out loud at what he said next:

"Okay, but mom, just keep on arguing with me and you won't even notice that the T.V. is still on!"

Oh, he's a sneaky one, that boy!


erin said...


I swear he's a genius!

Michelle said...

The TV gets turned on around here pretty sneakily too, generally right after I've turned it off and walked out. They usually blame my 2 year old...

erin said...

I lied. my email is eporter, not erporter.