Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Loving Our Lady

Our Wednesday afternoons seem to have developed a very pleasant routine consisting of Kristen, Austin, and I dropping off the oldest three kids at their religious education classes and then stopping at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel "to visit Jesus" in adoration for a while before playing on the playground for about half an hour.  This afternoon I decided to take them for a little stroll through the new high school "grounds", which is really just a series of portable buildings adjacent to the middle school, but which also has lovely landscaping and includes several statues that I wanted to see.  

Austin was absolutely mesmerized by Our Lady of Guadalupe.  His reaction to this statue of her was just the sweetest thing ever and I was SO glad I had remembered to slip my camera into my pocket before leaving the house!  Absolutely precious.  I love that in the last picture here, it looks as though Our Lady is whispering something in his ear.  Who knows?  Maybe she was.  :)

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