Thursday, October 18, 2012


My two littlest girls had been asking for weeks to have their hair cut, but, as is usually the case when one of  my girls want a hair cut, I kept putting it off.  I hate cutting their hair because I'm afraid I'll ruin their cuteness!  Meghan, however, had recently decided to take matters into her own hands (quite literally, and not for the first time!) and tried to give herself some bangs.  Thankfully, she had done a pretty good job, but they were really too long and her face if we left them down, but too short to be pulled back.  So, today I went ahead and cut real bangs for her, something I NEVER thought I would do after having been through the growing-out phase with all three girls!  But, she loves them!  I can't even get over how much they've changed her look.  She seems so much older to me now!

Kristen's hair was so hard for me to cut.  (Actually, it was very easy; it took only a few minutes to chop off approximately five inches!)  But I loved her long, beautiful hair!  I called her my little Rapunzel and loved running my fingers through her golden locks.  Combing it, however, was a daily battle, and she kept telling me she wanted short hair.  I tried to dissuade her, but she was sure she wanted shorter hair.  She was thrilled when I finally offered to cut it for her this afternoon!  She gladly hopped right up on the stool and giggled the whole time.  I don't think she stopped smiling the rest of the day!  And, I have to say:  she is still so incredibly cute with her new, shorter hair.  :) 


Jamie Jo said...

Oh, they are just darling!! They are just little honey's!!

My 6 year old wanted her hair cut short a few weeks ago, I found some of her hair in the playroom, that she'd cut herself. She'd been begging me for a while to cut finally I had her ready, but once the scissors were in my hand, she decided to not do it!!

She hasn't mentioned it since!

Blair said...

They both look precious! They're gorgeous girls either way, but I'm sure the lighter 'dos will be fun for them!