Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh, what a morning

My backyard looks like it's covered in snow.  

Darren was home from work for the past six days, four of which I spent in all day re-certification courses for work, but it was so nice having him here that it was really, really hard to send him off to work this morning.  Things were actually moving along well for us and we were even just the tiniest bit ahead of schedule, but...things quickly went downhill as soon as he walked out the door.  

The new hairstyle I was attempting on Cait was clearly just not working, but, being the hardheaded determined person I am, I just had to try a few more times until finally I admitted defeat, re-wet her hair, and went with something simpler.  (Which meant that Meghan's, in turn, was even simpler, because I had wasted so much time on Caitlyn's.)  As I was putting shoes on Austin I realized Dylan didn't have his glasses on, so I made him stop playing his new DS until he found them.  But, he couldn't find them and I won't even begin to describe the drama that ensued when I told him he couldn't have his DS back until the glasses were found.  (I finally found them under a box of trading cards under his bed.  !!!!)  

It wasn't until I was helping the kids put jackets on that I realized I had forgotten to pack lunches last night!  (My only defense is that Darren and I were SO wrapped up in LOST!  We've almost finished season two and OH, boy.  These past couple episodes are killing me!  The questions!  The suspense!  I have been so tempted to take just the quickest peek at Wikipedia to clue me in just a little, but I really don't want to ruin the surprise of anything.  I love guessing what new twists the plot will take!)  So anyway, this morning.  I logged on quickly to MyLunchMoney dot com and found, to my relief, that we still had enough in our account to cover lunches for today.  Caitlyn was disappointed to see on the lunch calendar on today's menu...chili fries.  (Seriously?!  Chili fries?!)  But, as she said to Meghan, "Well, at least we also get a pumpkin cookie."

We finally made it out the door and had already finished saying our morning prayers by the time we were halfway down our street.  Glad to have survived the chaos back home, something made me reiterate, "Okay, remember you're all buying your lunches today, right?  And we all have our jackets.  Does everybody have their backpack?"  To which Dylan quietly replied from behind me, "Except me."  What?!  Oh, you have got to be kidding me!  Checking my phone, I saw that the time was already 7:44, much later than we're usually leaving.  We turned around and RAN back to the house, grabbed the backpack, and started off back down the street.  We made it to the school yard with just enough time for the girls to play for a few minutes before the bell rang, and I sent Dylan off with (hopefully) everything he needed.  (Thank goodness I had at least had the foresight to check for pink socks last night, necessitating a trip to the store for a pair of pink anklets for him to wear today.  It's pink sock day today for breast cancer awareness week; tomorrow is pink accessory day and I'm thinking of trying to make him a friendship bracelet with multiple shades of pink embroidery floss I have in my stash, but I haven't make one since middle school and I'm not sure I remember how!)

I was so glad to be back home with my little ones.  Quiet.  Relative calm.  Passing by the dining room window, Kristen says to me, "Um, mom?  Come see."  Giant balls of white cotton stuffing, all over the backyard.  Which is why it now looks like it's covered in snow.  Mounds and mounds of fluffy stuff ripped right from the big comfy quilt I had just bought yesterday (second hand, thank goodness) for the puppies.  What!  The!  Heck!  Those pups...urgh!  My mom assures me they'll outgrow this stage.  For their sake, I sure hope so.  ;)    

So...how is your day going?  :)


Jill said...

Woke up this morning with a 7 month old in my bed whose diaper had leaked and the two of us were cuddled in pee. :)

I will be emailing you soon...I have so much on my mind. (As usual!)

Talk to you soon. :)

Jamie Jo said...

i'm 7 1/2 mos pregnant and barely had enough energy to read this....does that compete with you two?

so sorry it was such a hectic morning, wow, that was just the morning? Hope the day got better!!

I think of you and pray for you every night when I pray my Our Lady of La Leche prayers, thank you again!