Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Girl

Our sweet Caitlyn turned EIGHT years old last weekend!  I can't believe how fast she's growing up!  Since her birthday was on a Saturday this year, we took full advantage of the day by visiting the pumpkin patch, which has expanded even more since last year!  First, though, she wanted to open her gifts. :) Apparently she and her friends have decided that they are all going to dress as purple witches for Halloween this year, so she was SO excited to see the beautiful Halloween costume she received in the mail from her Nonny and Poppy!  It couldn't be more perfect!  She was also thrilled to receive a brand new, beautiful "real" guitar!  It is gorgeous, and just right for her!  She has already gone through two toy type guitars that just weren't made well, but this one is much better quality and we're hoping to also check into the guitar lessons she's always wanted!

Our trip out to the pumpkin patch was wonderful!  It was a gorgeous day, and since Meghan and I had been out there the day before on a school field trip, she was excited to go again and show Caitlyn all her favorite things.  Austin was particularly cute, running around and playing with the others just like a big boy!  I took so many photos of all my children, but since the blogger uploader is so frustrating and it took me so long to format these I'm only including my favorites of the ones featuring my birthday girl.  Maybe I'll dedicate a future post to the rest of my pumpkin patch pictures.  :) 

We were gone for most of the afternoon, but I had just enough time to make her birthday cake before the delicious dinner she requested (chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, and corn!)  Uncle Robby stopped by with a birthday gift but, due to another commitment he had that night, was unfortunately unable to stay for dinner.  Cait absolutely loved the Justin Bieber CD he gave her, though, as well as the cute puffy Halloween stickers!  :) This year, for the first time, Caitlyn designed her cake entirely by herself.  She drew a sketch of it for me and told me exactly how she wanted it; all I did was bake it and decorate it according to her specifications and it turned out so pretty!  My baby girl is really growing up! 


Jamie Jo said...

Oh, she has grown up so much!! Happy birthday and God bless her!

Those pictures are so beautiful, you did a great job!

Sherri said...

Wow..I haven't been here in a while and could not beleive how much your kids have grown. Caitlyn is beautifu...stunning.

Beth said...


Foto Clipping said...

cute girl!! Happy birthday to you !! :)