Sunday, June 27, 2010

Legos and Pizzas and Pets, Oh My!

There's this fabulous little pizza parlor here that Dylan and I first discovered while out for an evening with my brother last December. And we, in my family of animal-loving Lego maniacs, were delighted to learn that once a month over the summer, it will be holding Lego creation contests with different themes. The one dollar entrance fee is donated to the local animal shelter, and the first, second, and third place winners of each age group get a trophy, ribbon, mystery mini figure, a coupon for a free pizza, and a chance to win one of two grand prizes in August! Dylan and Caitlyn were so excited to participate in the first challenge last weekend. The theme for this first contest was "To the Moon and Beyond", and I think their entries were wonderfully creative!

Dylan decided to make a moon scene display, covering one of his green base plates with white and gray bricks to simulate the surface of the moon. He included a space shuttle, a lunar rover and space station, both of which were manned by astronauts, an American flag, a UFO, and an alien in a landing pod.

Caitlyn took a different approach with her creation and chose to make a display of an audience gathered to watch a rocket launch. I thought hers was so cute! There was a cowboy mini-figure whose horse was grazing alongside him, several other mini-figures whose Lego racers were parked in the road, and a fire truck on stand-by in case of catastrophe. :) And, c' adorable is that rocket with smoke plume?!

They both did well with judging and each ended up winning third place in their age groups! Darren and I were so proud of them! The next competition will be held in July; the theme will be "American Freedom". I can't wait to see what my clever, creative kids will design!


Jill said...

What a neat thing for a pizza parlor to do! My kids would love this!
Great job to Caitlyn and Dylan!!!!

Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

I so wish we had a place like this here. My kiddos would love it!