Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Butterflies in our backyard

I considered uploading all of these butterfly pictures in the new extra large format offered by blogger, but realized that quite probably nobody else will be as interested in them as I am and also, it didn't seem fair to feature them more prominently than photos of my own children. ;)

Except I just couldn't resist enlarging this last photo of one of our many black swallowtails. She was so gracefully circling me two days ago but never would land, so I finally decided to zoom in and hope for the best. This shot came out way better than I hoped for; I hadn't even noticed that caterpillar (on the far left stem) until I transferred these photos to my computer! So, while I still feel like I'm just biding my time until I can afford a sweet new DSLR, I suppose my little point-and-shoot will work just fine for a while longer, after all. :)


Jennifer said...

Your photos are gorgeous Melissa. And I'm always happy to see more garden creatures. I too am eyeing a DSLR. My husband gave me the go ahead, but ah, just so expensive! We'll see.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I would say that photos of butterflies and children are equally beautiful!

Haven't commented in awhile but thought I'd say...your blog is as happy a visit as always! Happy kids, happy mom. I know that that's my goal. :)

NoriColeman said...

There are so many different ones and they are all as equally beautiful. Thanks for sharing.