Monday, May 17, 2010

♪ My "Little" Preemies... ♫

My formerly tiny babies aren't so tiny anymore! Both Kristen and Austin had check-ups today...which was purely coincidental, because we scheduled them at different times and didn't even realize they were on the same day until I finally penciled them in on my calendar a week or so ago! Darren took Kristen to her two year appointment this morning and, although we knew she was growing really well, we were shocked to discover that she's grown right off the growth chart! She's measuring 37.5 inches now and weighs 35 pounds. (I suspect it won't be long until she catches up to Meghan, who, at four years, is 41.25 inches and 36 pounds!) She is such a doll!

And our little Austin is doing so well that, upon entering the exam room, the doctor laughed and said to me, "When I came in here I thought, 'This must be a different baby!' I thought I was looking at the wrong baby! He's grown so much!" He explained that, even without adjusting for prematurity, Austin is well within the average range for both weight and length: 15 pounds 2 ounces, and 24.5 inches! And he was so impressed with how well Austin just holds himself up, looking around and smiling and cooing, even when placed on his tummy on the exam table! I'm so proud of my big baby boy!

*A note about the title of this post: Remember me saying before how much I love to sing? As soon as I wrote the words "My Little Preemies" I thought of this song from way back in the day, and don't think I won't be singing my own rendition often and loudly from now on. :)

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Shannon said...

your littles are adorable and you are such a great mama! beware, I'm going to be knocking at your door some day for advice!