Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Spring Gardens: The Cactus Garden

This happens every Spring. I just can't seem to stop myself from photographing our gardens! I was outside with Darren yesterday at a particularly lovely time of evening, the sun hanging low in the sky before it's finally descent below the horizon, warm but not unbearably so. The light was just beautiful and our blooms were so very pretty that I just had to run back inside for the camera. (Thanks for fetching my shoes for me, honey! I only had to pluck one splinter from my toe this morning!) I think they're a much more intimate illustration of our cactus garden, anyway, more perfectly capturing the beauty and essence of what is quicky becoming my favorite area of our yard. And, since he checks my blog multiple times throughout the day at work, I'm posting these photos for my sweetie. I know he'll love seeing them, and if I don't do it now while they're fresh on my mind, I'll probably forget entirely. ;) Enjoy the tour!


Jill said...

I've loved touring your gardens this week!
I wish you could get a big shot...maybe from I could see how everything fits together with all of the little gardens.

Love the shot of the sun peeking through with the kids by the picnic table.

Ann Flower said...

Lovely blossoms and sunlight framed in wonderful photos! Each and very picture on your blog looks perfect. keep on posting.

Kristi said...

The garden is so pretty:)

BTW--I love your cupcakes. Very cute