Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our American Heritage Girl

Caitlyn was so excited to be able to participate in our local Veteran's Day parade last week with her American Heritage Girls troop! We arrived early to help decorate the float and then waited for nearly an hour to actually start moving, but it was definitely worth it! Darren didn't have to work that day so he and the other children parked themselves along the parade route (a loop in the old down town district) to watch us pass by.

Here she is before we began. Such a darling! I love this photo!

Caitlyn is front and center here with the rest of her troop, including some of the leaders, on their float.

Proudly displaying a flag and the banner she made that morning.

"HI, DAD!"

The best part of the parade was when Caitlyn had her turn to carry the flag!

And, it doesn't really fit here, but I realized tonight that I never posted this super cute photo of Cait at her AHG joining ceremony back in October! She is absolutely loving American Heritage Girls and, in her very small Pathfinders group of Kindergarten age girls, has made two very dear little friends. We're really looking forward to the rest of the year's fun activities!

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