Friday, November 06, 2009

Along the Alphabet Path: Weeks "E" and "F"

We're still enjoying our journey along the alphabet path, but I have to admit that I've gotten lazy about photo-documenting every activity we do! And, as my pregnancy progresses, it's also true that much of what we do is simply piling together on the couch in the living room with appropriate books to read aloud. We're learning so much this way, though, and it really is fun. And I love that we're finally putting to good use all the wonderful books we've accumulated over the past few years!

We'll be starting "G" week on Monday, so I wanted to post a quick update about our "E" and "F" weeks so I'll at least feel a little more caught up! ;)

Let's's been a while now, but "E" week was for Eyebright and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, planet Earth, and Explorers. Books we used included Science 2 for Young Catholics, Science 2 for Little Folks, The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth, and Around the World in a Hundred Years. OH! And would you believe that one day that week it actually snowed here?! So we took the opportunity to read about Eskimos in Mama, Do You Love Me?, The Three Snow Bears, and The Eye of the Needle (which had us all in pun intended!).

Tea time included Elephant story books, Elephant Ears from a little gem of a book called Alpha-Bakery Children's Cookbook, and Eggnog! I also helped the children with a cute little elephant craft, which we all really enjoyed!

This week was "F" week, for Fuschia and St. Francis, Flowers, Fish, and Food chains. Books we read included Flowers, The Flower Alphabet Book, Miss Rumphius, My Visit to the Aquarium, A Fish Hatches, The Freshwater Alphabet Book, Who Eats What?, and The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten. We greatly enjoyed revisiting the flowers that Darren helped the children preserve on our camping trip back in September, and we did a couple of fun little crafts including foil fish and a family tree!

And, I almost forgot: tea time! "F" week's treat was delicious Fudge Brownies (from the above mentioned cookbook) and Fountain Classics! Yum! I think that tea time treats may be my very favorite part of our alphabet path. :)


pam said...

Love your posts! What a happy, relaxed way to learn.
I will be praying for your pregnancy. Isn't it an honor to carry a child in the womb. I always loved my pregnancies. God bless.

Jessica said...

That little cookbook looks like so much fun!! I might just have to order a copy!! Thanks for sharing! =)

Dessi said...

So happy to see your great ideas...glad you are back posting!!!

Finding My Feet said...

This is our first year homeschooling 4 out of 5 kids. My friend Pam (the first commenter) sent me a link to your blog. Thanks so much for the inspiration!