Sunday, October 18, 2009

Caitybug's ladybug birthday!

Caitlyn turned six last Thursday and she had such a fun birthday! She had requested french toast for breakfast so I made a delicious french toast casserole that I'd made once for Kristen's baptism. (I'd link to it, but the blog on which I'd found it seems to have been deleted!) It was so yummy! We had eggnog, too, one of our favorite treats this time of year! After breakfast she wanted to open presents, and was so happy with the gifts received from her brother and sisters! Darren and I didn't have a gift for her to unwrap from us, because we had something special planned for later!

After getting dressed, we headed up to the mall, because her only other request was to have lunch at Chuck E. Cheese's! I just love watching my kids play there. It really is a special place "where a kid can be a kid"! I had printed some special coupons from their website before we left, so we had a LOT of tokens for them to hundred and forty, Dylan just reminded me! What a blast!

It was before lunch, however, when Caitlyn received her special surprise gift from us:

A trip to the jewelery store to have her ears pierced! She has been wanting for so long to have earrings, and Darren and I decided that her sixth birthday would be the perfect time to do it! We were so proud of what a a brave girl she was! She is so happy to finally have her ears pierced; she keeps looking in the mirror to see them and says how much she loves them! My sweet, beautiful baby is becoming such a big girl!

The big kids had gymnastics that afternoon, so we saved the cake and ice cream until after dinner. (In fact, Darren took them by himself so that I could stay home with the little girls to decorate the cake!) She loved it! Happy sixth birthday to my sweet, sweet girl!


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Your new earrings are very lovely! My little Shortcake says "Happy Birthday" from one ladybug lover to another!

Jill said...

I was going to ask around and see when people were letting their little girls get their ears pierced. Aslynn has asked, but we haven't decided yet...maybe her 7th birthday in February will be the time. Caitlyn looks so pretty with her's in.

Anyway, Happy Birthday again to a sweet six-year-old!! Great cake, Melissa!!

pam said...

What a blessed and beautiful young lady. I love the last "trip tick" pictures. Very fun!

Blair said...

Happy Birthday to Caitlyn!!! Looks like a super fun day!

Martha said...

Happy birthday Caitlyn! You are a beautiful, big girl! I can't believe how Kristen is growing and changing. She looks adorable in the pics you posted! Your babies are growing up, Melissa. I know you will be so glad to welcome another one in February!