Saturday, October 03, 2009

"B" Week

We're loving the alphabet path! We're looking forward to starting "C" week on Monday, but first, here's a sampling of the fun we had during "B" week!

B is for...pattern blocks, and balancing bears!

B is also for...building...

...and barbies!

Homemade butterfly crayons

Butterfly nectar sippers (h/t Jamie!)

Bubble art

And, Braille!

We read lots and lots of books!

Among these were some wonderful science read alouds, as well as numerous picture books that I still love reading aloud to my children. I don't often enough make time for these, though, so I really enjoyed choosing specific titles from our collection to follow our "B" theme! I planned to list them all here with links, but there are just so many; I'd rather go spend some time with my family in the living room and brainstorm ideas for "C" week!

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful weekend!


Jill said...

Sounds like a great week. I am really enjoying following all of the alphabet paths.
I sure hope there are a lot of cookies for 'c' week!!

Sherri said...

How fun and colorful everything is. My kids were all in the school system when they were really little, but I do remember having fun teaching them preschool stuff.....I didn't send them to preschool. Your pictures look so good!