Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thinking out loud tonight

Wow. It's not even 7:30 yet and all of my girls are sleeping! Darren's out in the garage sorting through his mineral collection and Dylan's in bed reading. It's such a lovely evening! The wind is picking up a bit and thick, gray clouds are building; I'm hoping a storm will hit us soon! I'm spending some time tonight sifting through pages and pages of notes I've made on curriculum materials for the fall. I'm (mostly) decided now on what we'll use but there is still so much I want to do. I just want to do it all!

Tomorrow morning I'll be seeing one of my three midwives for the first time during this pregnancy. I'm excited and anxious to see how that will go, and eager to get a better idea of how my plan of care might be affected by my two previous preterm births. I am praying so hard for a safe, full term delivery! I plan to ask about the possibility of progesterone injections, which has been shown in some studies to significantly reduce the incidence of preterm delivery in women with a history of preterm birth, and I also plan to discuss the benefits of not working past 20 weeks of pregnancy. With each of my last three, I worked right up until the time of delivery, and I remember being so miserable some nights that I could barely stand upright! I was, in fact, working the whole night before being admitted to my own unit in preterm labor with Kristen! What an exhausting ordeal that was. I thank God every day that He brought her safely through it all!

Dylan just walked in and informed me that he'd like to be nocturnal tonight and sleep the entire day tomorrow. ;) Looks like I better go tuck that guy back into bed, and I, too, might lay down for a bit before Darren comes back in. I just heard a few raindrops and am hoping it's just the beginning of a beautiful downpour! Goodnight!

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Celeste said...

All your talk about beautiful rainstorms and downpours makes me jealous. :) Oh how we wish! Nothing in the hurricane or flood department - just rain! Right now all I hear is the pitter patter of the sprinkler hitting the window on our alotted watering evening. Can't wait to hear about your appointment - email me! Much love, dear one!

P.S. Did I ever tell you I gave my dad Darren's book for Father's Day and he LOVED it.